Arming The Nation is now offering 'come and try' shooting days for those that have never shot a firearm before. You'll be able to come and try shooting a variety of firearms with one-on-one instruction. The perfect excursion for parties, bucks celebrations, hen parties, work functions, teambuilding exercies, or group activites.


Arming The Nation has developed firearms courses that meet training needs. Possession of a firearm by law requires a high level of comprehensive firearms training, At Arming The Nation we have over 20 years of firearm experience and work diligently to deliver this training to all our students through the following.

The course starts with detailing legislative privisions in QLD regarding firearms and firearms usage. We also cover the social responsiilities that are associated with the use of firearms and general safety procedures. You will complete a theory assesment and practical assement to procure your statement of attainment for weapons licensing (to obtain your firearms license).


The following course informations covers everything you need to know in order for you to legally and safely posses a firearm in QLD. Duration of courses are: 5-6 hours.

Category A & B


  • WSCQPS001 - Demonstrate knowledge of firearm legislation, firearms and community safety.
  • WSCQPS002 - Demonstrate the use of category A & B firearms safely.

Available to:

  • Recreational Shooting.
  • Clay target/rifle shooting.
  • Primary production/farmers.

Category C


  • WSCQPS003 - Demonstrate the use of category C firearms safely.

Available to:

  • Primary producers e.g. farmers, rural employees, professional shooters, aerial shooting/pest controllers, commercial fishing or any other occupational use.
  • Recreational clay target shooting only for those with a medical certificate (stating a lack of physical strength or dexterity).

Category D


  • WSCQPS004 - Demonstrate the use of category D firearms safely.

Available to:

  • Occupational use only. For feral animal vermin control for primary production or rural employees, aerial shooters and professional vermin controllers. Applicants must prove primary production status or proof of employment.

Category H


  • WSCQPS0045 - Demonstrate the use of category H firearms safely.

Available to:

  • Pistol club shooting.
  • Primary production farmers. Handgun use only on an approved primary production property.

Category M


  • 10618NAT - Course in Firearms Safety (approved for firearms licensing in Queensland)

Available to:

  • Anyone wishing to get crossbow licence for hutning or club use.

Junior Shooters

Must be 11 years and up for a minors license. (Once the minor becomes 18+ years of age they can apply for full, adult licenses)


Statement of Attainment (certificate that will be required to apply for your weapon licence)

Course Costs all Inc GST

Category A&B: $150

Category C or D: $170

Category A, B & C: $220

Category C & D: $220

Category A, B & H: $220

Category A, B, C & D: $280

Category M (Crossbows) $150

QLD Training Centre is a recognised training organisation (RTO #40463).


  • Townsville Pistol Club
  • Silkwood Clay Target Club
  • Atherton Clay Target Club
  • Charters Towers Clay Target Club
  • Burdekin Target Club
  • Bowen Clay Target Club
  • Collinsville Rifle Club
  • Rockhampton Clay Target Club
  • Julia Creek Pistol Club
  • Innisfail Pistol Club