Come And Try Shooting

Arming The Nation is now offering 'come and try' shooting days for those that have never shot a firearm before. You'll be able to come and try shooting a variety of firearms with one-on-one instruction. The perfect excursion for parties, bucks celebrations, hen parties, work functions, teambuilding exercises or group activites.

From Aaron:

As a Firearms Instructor I have been asked by many of my students for more training time on the practical assessment. This course will give the students much more experience on a range after or before they have completed their full course Firearms Safety to get their firearms license. Each student will be taught the full fundamentals of range procedures and safety before they go to a range for the first time when they are licensed. This is really good for come and try as you will have a much better knowledge of firearms before coming to a firearms safety course. This practical training day will give you a try before you buy so you know what firearm you want to buy or what shooting discipline you would like to get into.

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About Our 'Come and Try' Shooting Days:

Shooters will be given full instructions on how to hold firearms safely and operate them in a safe manner under full supervision. All students will be given supplied food and drinks on the course on the day. Attendees will also receive a target of their own to take home with them as a memento of the day. Our team is committed to making each occasion special and to providing a safe and enjoyable environment. We'll also provide photos of the day for you and your friends.

The Firearms they will be shooting include:

  • Shotguns 12Gauge
  • Rim Fire Rifles 22Rim Fire
  • Revolvers 22cal, 357Mag and 44Mag
  • Lever Action Rifle 44Mag
  • 9mm Pistol

Terms & Conditions

  • All attendees are required to bring enclosed foorwear and we strongly advise you wear a closed front top.

  • Each attendee must understand the requirements of the attached Form 33a. As unlicensed shooters our shooting clubs require that you to fill out this form, notifying us of any criminal history, upon arrival. You can download the form here.

  • Children aged 11 and up are able to partake but will need ID like the adults e.g. birth cert, passport, Medicare card